Monday, October 14, 2013

Post #7: A Holiday From the Bikeography

Is this cool or what?

Taking a break from the epic Bikeography for today's American version of a "Bank Holiday."  But, since I promised to post, religiously, on Mondays and Thursdays, I figured I had to give you all something for the effort of checking in.

This IS cool, though -- spotted it, and about five similar bike sculptures, during my Saturday morning ride around the Bay and up to Solana Beach and back to the Ferry.  The sculptures and accompanying promenade fronting the west side of the 101 are the culmination of a project that forced the San Diego Bikeist onto the back roads and alleys of Solana Beach for much of early 2013.  The result is a, decidedly, bike-friendly, public space fronting Pizza Port, the Trek bike shop and the other businesses along the 101.  Nice to see the North County towns (that benefit so much from the dollars spent by the hordes of bike-riders transiting through and filling their pubs and cafes) acknowledging where their bread is buttered.  When I returned today, on my ride from San Juan Capistrano to Solana Beach, the bike-racks were filled with bikes -- and dozens of spandex-clad customers were spotted sampling post-ride brews at Pizza Port . . .

Then, for my fellow Superman fans, there was this -- spotted as I traversed one of the back alleys of Del Mar:


Finally, I have to share my encounter with an Aussie couple I met as I was biking into the North entrance of Camp Pendleton on my way down the coast.  They were riding one of these:
It's made by a German company called "Hase," and theirs was laden with gear that actually seemed to out-weigh the riders.  They left Whistler, Canada, in July and are making their way to the southern tip of South America!  Most amazing to me was that both riders were just wearing sandals (although, they admitted regretting their inability to clip in).  They seemed, perhaps, twice as happy as the couple pictured here.  Is biking great or what? ---

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