Monday, September 15, 2014

I Want My Climate Back!

Seriously, people, what's with this stinking heat?  Did a brisk, sweaty, 12 miles after work today (pausing for 30 burpees at Glorietta Bay Park), but this heat has just taken the life out of me.  Just don't feel the creative juices flowing when it gets all sultry -- makes me wonder how on earth Faulkner, Clemens, O'Connor, Marquez, etc. got it done.

Then again, I am, finally, posting on a Monday, which must count for something.  Maybe it's an acclimatization thing.  Give me a few more weeks of heat and humidity and I might just finally pop out the novel I know I have in me.  "The Bike And The Fury" perhaps?

Thanks to a forward from my loyal fan base, though, I won't leave you empty handed:

If Cars Were Treated Like Cyclists
What if city infrastructure treated cars like cyclists? This is interesting to think about.

Yeah, what if it did?  I can't tell you how many times I have been spit out into the flow of motorized traffic by suddenly disappearing bike lanes (especially in L.A.).  Bike lanes are great and all, but what's the point if they don't transport you to a logical, meaningful, destination?

Of course, many of these lanes to nowhere were laid down during the brain-dead 1970's, when everyone (especially the architects who designed toilet bowl- shaped multi-purpose stadiums and various other utilitarian concrete monstrosities) was perpetually high on something or other in order to deal with having to wear polyester leisure suits and Watergate.  At least that's how I remember it.

Finally, speaking of brain-dead and infrastructure, check out this news report attempting to display the supposed chaos created by Seattle's first protected bike lane.  

More amazing to me than the supposed confusion is that bike-progressive Seattle somehow allowed NYC and DC to beat it to installing protected bike lanes.  Wake up Seattle -- less micro-brew and more espresso people!  Seems to me that you might be starting to suffer from a little 70's style malaise . .  .

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