Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Post #14: #Kitties!

You should be ashamed of yourselves!  Admit it, the only reason you followed the link to this post is because of the thumbnail featuring this adorable #kitten "hiding" behind the front wheel of my Secteur.  I found her and her siblings playing on and around my bike the morning I set out from Klamath the second day of my epic Oregon to San Fran bike trip this past summer.

You should probably be doubly ashamed of yourselves because it is extremely likely that you are amongst those responsible for my Halloween post drawing more than twice as many views as any other post in this series thanks to it featuring this amazing #Unicorn Bike:

Face it, you are what is wrong with the Interwebs.  An amazing technological advance that was supposed to spread knowledge like wildfire, draw the peoples and nations of the world closer together, and push scientific innovation forward at light speed, has, instead, been dominated by #kitty videos, #unicorns, pictures of people's meals, #rainbows, bike-blogs and, of course, porn. 

Given your penchant for #kitties and #unicorns, I am going to make an educated guess -- you will not be able to resist the following threat:  if you do not forward a link to my blog to every one of your Facebook friends, Twitter followers, e-mail contacts, co-workers, congregations, classmates, and at least 50 random strangers, something terrible will happen to you and everyone dear to you -- if you do not immediately contract an exotic, tropical, incurable skin rash, then you are more than certain to be trampled by a herd of rabid llamas in your sleep.  Ignore this warning at your peril!

That's right -- if I can't beat you, then I am left with no choice but to leverage your affliction for the greater good of this blog.  I can't reward your bad behavior, though, so you will all have to wait until Monday for the next installment of the neverending Bikeography.  Believe me, this will hurt me way more than it hurts you . . .

Until then, you will just have to make do with this:

I hope you are all proud of what you have reduced me to --

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