Thursday, February 13, 2014

New Mayor a Bikeist?

First off, congrats to San Diego's new Mayor-Elect, Kevin Faulconer, the winner of yesterday's special election to replace the disgraced and decrepit Bob Filner.  Always nice to take a job where you can only improve upon the record of your predecessor . . .

Along those lines, in case you are a loyal reader Mayor-Elect  Faulconer (and I'm sure you are), I feel compelled to share ex-Mayor Filner's official therapy schedule as a cautionary gesture to save you from a similar fate:

If you ever have the sudden urge to place female colleagues in a head-lock - um, well - who the hell would ever have such an urge?!  Just resign and get it over with . . .

Anyway, I digress.  Much more importantly, what does Mayor- Elect Faulconer's sudden rise to power mean for Bikeists?  Early returns are favorable:

(1) Click HERE to read SLATE's take on the new Mayor and bikes:

(2) Click HERE  for Candidate Faulconer's own campaign release identifying himself as "an avid biker."

Here he is pictured doing a bike tour of the streets of his constituency in OB.  No spandex for the Mayor elect folks -- definitely a potential bikeist!  Love the shirt!

(3) Best yet, is this article in Voice of San Diego:  "What Faulconer Means For California Republicans".

I love this quote:  "Faulconer’s long been pro-same-sex marriage, pro-bike and pro-other issues that put him on the left of the national GOP."

Being "pro-bike" makes you a leftist?  I had no idea.  Never really saw the like or dislike of bikes as a matter of political affiliation or leaning.  Republicans don't like bikes?  Shhh!  Don't tell this guy:

Or this guy:

Besides baseball, I can hardly think of anything more universally enjoyed regardless of political affiliation than bikes.  As final living proof, I offer the world's most conservative human, outside captivity (perhaps the most avid bikeist I know):


Best of luck, Mr. Mayor-Elect.  You have proclaimed your support for the Bayshore Bikeway.  The first litmus test for us Bikeists will be your ability to get the project completed for good -- particularly the treacherous stretch from 32nd Street to 5th Avenue . . .

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