Monday, March 17, 2014

St. Patrick a Bikeist? Um, no . . .

Pretty sure St. Patrick didn't ride bikes (as they hadn't yet been invented in his day).  That didn't discourage Sheldon Brown, though, did it?

That's a whole lot of awesome right there folks.

I'd love to ramble on and on as usual, but I'm simply spent this evening.  Remember my psycho friend, Marc?  The one who makes me do all the burpees?  Well, before hopping on the Secteur for my usual 23 miles home around the bay, I had to do his latest WOD (Workout of the Day).  Why, you ask?  Because I'd be publicly shamed if I didn't.  Today's torture session involved 16 rounds of 11 squats, 11 push-ups, and 11 leg-lifts for time.  (They're ALWAYS for time!)  Yes, that's 176 of each -- non-stop.  Then, of course, there were the burpees -- 17 today, on the "March to 100."  As if he doesn't have us doing enough burpees, as is, we now have to add one every day for 100 days on top of whatever else he doles out. 

So, I just don't have it in me to dazzle you all today.  You will just have to settle for the following image, which, in my opinion, strikes the right balance between the festive and religious aspects of St. Patrick's feast day:


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