Thursday, May 1, 2014

It's National Bike(ist) Month!

The "high performance" vest being sported by our friendly Über-Fred here goes for $349.  Now that's just stupid.  For about $347 less, I recommend going to Walmart and buying a "wife-beater" t-shirt that's two sizes too small.  Guaranteed to provide the same "high-performance" benefits . . .

You want high performance?  Now, there's some high-performance for ya!  This form-fitting wonder of modern technology isn't going to catch any wind whatsoever -- ever --

And, with that, we officially kick off National Bike Month -- the most bestest month of the year for bikeists and wanna-be bikeists.  On cue, just like last year, the bike rack on the 6:55 am ferry this morning (normally, about 2/3 full) was almost completely full.  Likewise, the line of bikes waiting for us at Broadway was longer than usual, with many unfamiliar faces.  This is all good, but why wait until an arbitrarily designated month to get on your bike?  This is San Diego people!  There is no excuse for not biking year-round -- assuming you live close enough to work to bike (which all those new ferry riders must).  Waiting until the local news or someone on Twitter reminds you that it's Bike Month to get on your bike is like waiting for Hallmark to tell you it's time to call your mom and tell her you love her.  Oh, crap!  Mother's Day is this month, too, isn't it?  Better go get a card!

The only thing I love more about National Bike Month than seeing people give biking a whirl is that it contains National Bike to Work Day.  Of course, every day is "Bike to Work Day" when you are The Bikeist, but the other 364 days of the year, they don't set up "pit-stops" all over town giving out free stuff and food.  The entire county becomes a rolling smorgasbord of free snacks and bike stuff.  Some places, like the Youth Hostel downtown, even serve a full breakfast to Bikeists.  Plus, there's the must-have t-shirt.  

Hit enough pit stops and you can clothe your whole family.  My little bikeists wore them to school on an almost daily basis for a couple of years.

The #1 pit-stop, though, is aboard the Coronado ferry.  Tyler, the owner of the legendary Holland's Bike Shop, and his merry Bike-Elf, Greg Sheffer, serve coffee and donuts along with the other goodies provided by "iCommute SD" to all ferry commuters all morning.  The ferry ride turns into a floating bikeist party this day every year -- even better than Christmas IMHO!

Just 15 shopping days until May 16 people.  Time to take those bikes down off those hooks in the garage, lube the chains, and air up the tires.  You don't want to miss out on this rolling festival on wheels.  You also don't want to put those bikes back on those hooks -- ever.  To ride is to live!

For more details about San Diego's Bike to Work Day, check out this link (although, their pit-stop map doesn't seem to work on my iPhone):

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